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Newsletter - September 2017
Good news on the horizon for landlords - it's about time! Recent research from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors has revealed that rental rates in the UK are expected to increase by around 20% over the next five years.
Newsletter - August 2017
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Newsletter - June 2017
According to the survey from a mortgage distributor, increasing numbers of landlords are being told by their lenders that they are not allowed to give tenancies to people on housing benefits.
Newsletter - May 2017
Bad landlords and letting agents convicted of exploiting tenants in London face public naming and shaming online. Six councils in the capital will join the scheme in the autumn – Brent, Camden, Kingston, Newham, Southwark and Sutton.
Newsletter - April 2017
Dressing your rental properties won’t just achieve the best rent; it will see the properties let out more quickly, too. Developers know how to sell a lifestyle by dressing a property. Private landlords also need to learn a few tricks.
Newsletter - March 2017
London Landlords To House Refugee Families For Less. Councils are having to ask private landlords to help find homes to house refugees as they do not have enough housing stock available.
Newsletter - February 2017
What If My Tenant Doesn’t Pay the Rent? As a landlord, this is likely your number one fear.
Newsletter - January 2017
The new Housing and Planning Act - It is really important that landlords are up to date with all the new rules coming in.
Newsletter - December 2016
Many tenants think that as they rent the property they are entitled to do what they like with it. But that’s not so – in almost all cases subletting will be prohibited by the terms of your tenancy agreement. So if you sublet you will be in breach.
Newsletter - November 2016
Good news for landlords renting out one bedroomed flats as rents for these types of properties are continuing to rise, in spite of overall rental growth decreasing.
Newsletter - October 2016
A Grimsby Landlord has been slapped with a custodial sentence and a £100,000 fine for seriously endangering his tenants’ lives. The landlord was also ordered to pay the tenants compensation of £4,200.
Newsletter - September 2016
Tenants will almost certainly have to pay higher rents because of the government's policy to improve all housing stock's energy efficiency performances. Click To Read More...
Newsletter - August 2016
It is a criminal offence and you could be liable to an UNLIMITED FINE should you be unable to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable measures to ensure persons residing in your property have a continuing right to reside. Click To Read More...
Newsletter - July 2016
Read about the Ten Top Tips for tenants who rent. Also an investigation which reveals that Nearly A Quarter Of Landlords And Tenants Do Not Have Money Protection. Has your landlord increased your rent. Read about if you have to pay it or not.