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Looking for a 1 bed bungalow to rent near London.

East Dulwich, SWK
United Kingdom

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Hello, I'm a great tenant who is based in Suffolk, I am looking to move nearer to family and really want to be in an unfurnished bungalow again. I have great credit, I am a dss applicant, but I have never had any problems with my properties or finances. If you want a problem free tenant who is looking for a long-term rental agreement, preferably no agents (although not to be discounted) then please make contact. I'm open to negotiations from the right landlord and property. I have been in my current property for almost 7 years, and have been in Suffolk for 20 years. I'm very clean, it's just me, no children; I'm 40+ and a great tenant. Im happy for it to be anywhere as long as it is near to London (less than 100 miles from London). I've seen some prices, so I know they're available.

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I look forward to hearing from you.
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