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Take A Look At EasyRoomLets New Website

Take A Look At EasyRoomLets New Website

Posted by: Charlotte on 1st August 2016

 Construction Completed


Over the last few months we have reviewed comments and feedback from our customers, we have taken these on board, and we have made the changes you have requested.

The new website is intuitive and even easier to use than the previous site, and best of all its still FREE Click here to take a a look.


  1. How do I login to the new website? Click Here - Login. Your current login using your email address, and your existing password will work.
  2. I cannot remember my password - Click Here - Forgotten My Password. Enter your email address and the security code. Instructions on resetting your password will be sent to your email address.
  3. How does this affect my current listing (advert)? All existing customer accounts have been migrated to the new website. They have all been relisted for 60 days.
  4. In a hurry to rent or move? Click Here - Review our Most Popular and Get Ahead Of the Rest Plans. Success rates are 15 and 25 times better than free listings
  5. Can I edit my listing? Yes, Click Here - Edit My Listing. You now have the ability to edit, pause, or delete your listing. You can also see the the number of times your list was viewed, and number of times someone has contacted you about the listing.
  6. Can I save my searches? Yes, once you run a search you now have the functionality to save that search or searches. To review and run your saved searches Click Here - Run My Saved Searches.
  7. New Advert Notifications - You will be notified by email on a daily basis of any new listings that meeting you saved search criteria.
  8. Update Your Profile - Click Here - To Update Your Profile. You can add/remove details about your account, and decline from receiving email notifications.
  9. Where can I find more information? Click Here - For more FAQ's.

If you have any questions about the new website, or need any help with your login, listing or searches, please do not hesitate to contact on either our online chat at the bottom right of your screen or email us at